Sometimes, going also means staying behind

In January, we took a long drive to Bangkok! 10 hours! It’s David’s first long drive, because we missed last year’s national conference so he hasn’t experience a drive across Thailand yet.

We were wondering how he will do on the drive, because based on previous experience with Judah, he did not do very well. He would cry for 1 hour when he was tired and sleep 45 mins. We felt very shortchanged!

However, David did comparatively well! He slept when he was tired and when he was awake, he will look around or be satisfied with food. Judah, on the other hand, although he is 3.5yo now, still is a terror on road trip. This time, he was asking for books, or something to eat or toys or a hug every couple of minutes! When David got real cranky around the evening, he would cry and Judah followed suit, pretending to be whiny and cranky.

We did not take a long drive because we felt like it. Hah!

We were going for a wedding and then joining the DTS on their outreach to Ratchaburi. Tee was doing his pastoral visit as the school leader.

Initially I thought we (and the kids) were going to be involved with the team in their ministry works. Sometimes, we think that we are going to do amazing work with or for God in the field. But really, sometimes we just stay behind while others do the work. Hard to believe, but it’s just as important.

We had to stay back in the house because Tee was doing one-on-one debriefs with the team members. We had to stay behind because some ministry are not suitable for children (ie going to radio station, no we don’t want screaming kids on air.)

But that doesn’t mean our time is wasted. We get to spend them with the workers on the field in a more private way. We get to expose our children in a safe place to missions or ministry or just being comfortable with new people that they meet.

People told me that I am very brave to go along and bring small children to the trip. Actually, I always go without much thought and when I’m there, I wonder if I made the right decision. “Why did I compromise my children’s comfort or routine?” If I had know what I am getting into, I may not have gone. Hah! But I’m glad we got to go.

‘Train the child when they are young’

It sure feels scary to bring small children to outreaches. But I hope it created a memory for my kids.


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