Judah’s 3rd Birthday

Judah 3.0! We pray you will retain your childlike and sweet features, developing leaps and bounds in speech functions and skills and wisdom. We are expecting more songs downloads in the system and auto-gratitude functions. “Thank you mama for cooking” has been one of the voice activations whenever a meal is served. Brings sweetness and joy to our souls.

It seemed like Judah knows and had been expecting his birthday to come. He did not want a party with friends, only want Papa, Mama, David and Judah. At one point, he did say he wanted the entire extended family too. 

The night before his birthday – he was so excited about it that he slept at 11pm! Before he slept, he said he want to eat birthday cake. Eh, buddy, not at 11pm. How many roofs are you going to jump off?

As soon as he woke up, he couldn’t wait to go down! He expected something. 

He had grown to like dinosaurs ALOT. So I thought a Dino-themed celebration would be nice. He also like rainbow cake and chocolate since tasting some yummy rainbow cake at Valerie’s house.

This is my first attempt at making a rainbow cake. It turned out not bad! The taste and colours turned out great. The best was the Frosting! So Yummy!!!!

 The cake base is pretty simple, it’s just taking time to mix the colours and bake the layers. I took 2 days to bake 3 layers per day as that’s all the time I have each day (in between after dinner and David’s bedtime or after David sleeps). 

I was glad I frosted the cake the night before rather than on the day itself. The frosting could set and there’s no need to rush in the morning with cranky baby who woke up at 5.30am and excited birthday boy anticipating a CAKE. 
I would bake this again anytime!

Since we weren’t having a big party, I just wanted to keep the decoration simple but surprise enough. Found some patterns of Dino balloons which were perfect!

Cheers to our Dinomite birthday! 

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