Singapore travels – West Side Story 

The journey to the west of Singapore is one that I seldom embark on, because ‘what’s there in the west ?’ and it’s seemingly so far.

Since we have a car for one last day, we decided to check out West Coast Park. So glad we went there, there is such a huge playground for different age groups – toddlers, bigger kids, even for teenagers and adults. It caters to different needs too – sand play, climbing, swings.

As we went on a Thursday late morning, we have the whole place to ourselves, just one or two other young children and a few group of students from a school sports day. Even on a weekend, I can imagine that it’s plenty of space for children to play.

I think Judah was overwhelmed by the hugeness of it that he didn’t know where to stay and what to do. He chose one portion of the playground and ran around for a bit before stopping to play with sand, that was his original intention. He got really excited to play ‘sandy’ when he saw me packing the sand toys for him to play.

Because we were at East Coast Park the other day and he got to play sand while having a view of the ocean. He went riding towards the ocean, but only to find huge sea vessels and no sand. LOL!

We will surely be back again when we come back next year!

Since we are in the west, why not check out some good food in the west. I was in a mood for some instaworthy cafes. W39 Bistro & Bakery was just 7 mins away and again, it’s a place that if we don’t have a car, we won’t even consider going. Tee has the burger while I shared with Judah the Poached Chicken. Oh and a add on of $5 for a drink and Carrot Soup. It was twice of what we would pay in Chiang Mai but you know it’s homecooked and not some freezer meals.

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