Our week of learning

Hello March! Time is ticking by so quickly! We have a very busy February, with 2.5 weeks hanging out with Nigel and Dora who came to visit us and sharing their songs, 1 week of babysitting our friend’s son. The last week of February, Papa Tee was at the FatherHeart Seminar all day all week (9.30am-8pm, Monday to Saturday!!)

You are seeing this post and it’s a good thing because the kids and I are still alive!

Because we will be home all day, I have to come up with activities to keep the big boy occupied. My goal was not to use the tv or iPad only very necessary and keep it to after naptime. He usually gets to watch Disney Jr cartoons after nap while I prepare dinner till bedtime.

I have been wanting to “restart homeschooling”. Life gets crazy and we don’t end up doing anything.

So I chanced upon Simply Learning blog and the mum was going to use this curriculum called “The Peaceful Preschool“. It has activities and printables available. Simply Learning also has lots of resources, links, activities and printables available on Pinterest. I really felt like I needed to buy the curriculum and get ‘school’ going. I have tried to find my own activities and it’s hard work. I take too long to figure out what will work. I really needed something already written out and I can tweak it along the way.

I’m taking some weeks to try out, since we leave for Singapore in a week’s time and our schedule will look different when we are there.

I like it so far based on Judah’s ability and learning interests and what we have available at home.

On Monday, we started with letter A recognition. He could already recognize A and whenever he saw the letter A, he shouts it to me. He also decorated the letter and apple with glitter. He did a good job with glitter, didn’t get too big a glitter blowout. We also read ‘Apple Dumpling’s Day’ (the only A-related book we have) and ‘Little Miss Sunshine’. These books, we ended up reading almost everyday. Talk about routine.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we didn’t do much school, I was pretty tired out from caring for 2 boys under 3. We just read the books a couple of times and he watched way too much tv that day. We had to be at the doctor’s on Wednesday for my vaccination so we didn’t do much too.

Thursday we had friends come over for lunch, but before that, we did some playdough maths. He enjoyed it but he was distracted. Afterwhich we did some bike rides and songs and reading before our friend’s arrived.

Papa Tee has the afternoon off so we could go out after nap too! Phew! A much needed break from cooking and being stuck at home. Judah was so happy to be able to play at the playground and have some coconut icecream.

On Friday, I found new strength and energy (must be the shopping mall and icecream). I think he would really enjoy playing with water in the ballpit. It was kind of chilly in the morning so we had to wait for the sun to warm up the air a little more. Judah was very patient, so we made glitter Alphabets. And then decorated some popsticks that little apples will go on it later for pattern sequencing activities. Boy, he had such a fun time squeezing lots of glitter on the sticks.

I gave him a go at using kid’s scissors, it’s his first time so he hasn’t gotten that motor skills yet. He looks really funny trying to cut with his mouth opened though.

Finally the time for waterplay! The best time of his life all week! One of the activities in the curriculum was measuring out rice or water. I threw him a set of measuring cups and spoons for him to measure away. Waterplay kept him occupied for an hour!!

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