Thankful November

November, the month of Thanksgiving! 

There are much to be thankful for this November. 

Firstly, of course, we are thankful to receive our second-born son early. Thankful that all is well with him, he is growing strong and well. He sleeps most of the time, if not he is pretty happy lying on the rocker or in bed and I get to be with Judah a little more and do things around the house as usual

We are thankful for Judah for being such a great brother. He has not been any more fussy, except when his toys don’t cooperate or exhibit any jealous notions. He showers his little bro with 500 kisses everyday and is so understanding and affectionate. 

We are thankful for our community in Chiang Mai, who has helped in many ways in our transition to a new family figure. They brought food to us, asked if we need groceries, play dates for Judah. It meant so much to us, when our immediate families are not near to help us.

We are also thankful for many who have blessed us with love gifts during this season though they are far from us. Your thoughts of us are so precious too!

We are thankful that we can be called a family in this time. To be given this privilege to raise our 2 boys. 

It is good to be thankful and remember the good things the Lord has blessed us with.
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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