My birth experience in Chiang Mai

I can’t believe it’s already and only 1 week since we welcomed Baby D into the world. It felt like a long, good time. This transition has been so much easier than I expected.

I want to document my experience giving birth in Chiang Mai first though. I’ll share about the transition blessing in the next posts.

Many people of course had asked us if we will deliver the baby in the Singapore and Thailand.

We decided to deliver the baby in Chiangmai because of logistics, we have everything set up here, car, space in the house, equipments. Though my greatest fear was NO EPIDURAL when I need it and my greatest worry is lack of support from my mum who could look after the kids and cook for me when she gets home and on the weekends. But it will be so tiring for her and I feel real bad to put this burden on her.

Well, then come choosing the hospital and gynae in Chiang Mai. In Chiang Mai, there is a very famous gynae who only delivers missionary moms and is very good with assisting natural births. However, we heard she doesn’t take in new patients (but only missionaries). We would have fit that category that she would take but “we didn’t want to be like everyone”. Just kidding. The hospital that she delivers was a little far from where we live, we have to go through the busy streets around the moat.

We decided on McCormick Hospital as it’s just like 2 turns around our house, 5-10 minutes away when there’s no bad traffic. However when I spoke to people who had their babies there before, 3 out of 4 were C-sect. That got me worried as I didn’t want a C-sect. I began to question the abilities of the doctors (haha!) and asked my gynae if he will push for natural or C-sect but he said ‘we will try natural first but if there’s complications then we have to do C-sect’. Fair enough.

The cost to deliver a baby at McCormick is about the same as delivering a baby at KK Hospital in Singapore. In SG, I can claim from Medisave (if any) but get a class B 5-bedder ward. At McCormick, it was a simple personal room.

The nurses were super kind and patient and available. Probably it’s because it’s not so crowded with mums and babies. The nurses at the nursery were very nice too. I felt really safe leaving baby D with them.

Language was not a big issue, they could speak some English and try to, but if they couldn’t, they tried to speak Thai slowly and I could understand and respond sufficiently.

Food at McCormick was surprisingly delicious! It didn’t taste like bland hospital food. I finished everything most meals except the desserts as I’m not fan of coconut milk desserts (except Mango sticky rice). I ate so much, I felt bad for being greedy.

Some of the food I ate:


Overall, I would say I had a good experience there although I was apprehensive initially.

Not too sure if I will deliver there again, as Two is Enough!

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