The Birth of David L

So, Baby D decided to make his appearance into the world 5 weeks before EDD! It was so unexpected for us. We thought we have about 3 more weeks to have things ready since we were aiming for the 38th week as Judah came 2 weeks early.

So the story goes: 

On Thursday at 1.30am, I felt fluid leaking out of me. Initially I thought was blood as that was what happened with Judah. When I went to the bathroom, it wasn’t blood, but water, so I put on the sanitary pad and monitor what will happen. Though in my mind, I was thinking ‘is it the water bag?’ And started googling and worrying while trying to go to sleep. (Note: I didn’t tell Tee coz I think he wouldn’t be able to do anything and probably will tell me to go to sleep and wait till the morning when we wake)

At 6am, I checked and the pad was all soaked and I could also feel more fluid coming out through the night. I told Tee about it at 7 and said maybe we should go to the hospital to have a check up.

Quickly, I threw things I needed into the hospital bag, just in case we needed it and we won’t be fumbling too much. The good thing was I had already packed half the things I needed few weeks before.

At the hospital, my gynae said the cervix was thinning but everything else was normal by admitted me for bedrest. The plan was to have the baby stay in me for another 2 weeks, if there is contractions , to delay them. 

I was then in the hospital the whole day with nothing much to do. It was like a mini staycation and the hospital food was not that bad, Thai food on my menu. 

The nurses were checking regularly if I had contractions but I had none. 

At 2am, I woke up with some strong stomach pains. I thought maybe coz I slept on my right side and I thought I wanted to poo. I asked to go to the bathroom but nothing came out. 

The nurse checked on contractions again and there was nothing so I went back to sleep. 

At 3am, I felt strong contractions so I texted Tee “I think contractions may have started”. I was thinking if it’s like last time, there’s probably time for him to come to me at a later time.

He replied me 15 mins later and I was already timing my contractions and it was pretty close, like 5 mins interval.

So I called him, in the same sentence I remembered saying “maybe you can wait awhile, no no, come now, it’s really bad!” (Good thing it only takes 5 mins for him to get to the hospital coz it’s near our house) He wanted to shower and I said no need, just brush your teeth. Haha!

While he was on his way, I called for the nurse and they were still timing my contractions. 

When Tee arrived, they decided to check how much I had dilated. The nurse was so shocked that I was FULLY dilated! They were in such a rush, calling doctor and making preparation In the delivery room. The nurse told me not to push and wait for the doctor to come. I was like “Mai Wai! (Cannot in Thai) when is the doctor coming? (I thought they were going to call my gynae who is probably at home, I last saw him at 6pm! Where is he coming down from?)

They transferred me to another bed and wheeled me couple doors down the ward. And I was just trying not to push and relax.

On the delivery bed, I just kept closing my eyes and trying not to push until they say so. 

But at one of the contractions I was ready to push, regardless if they are ready. And I heard the nurse said ‘ok, push down!’ What a relief! And I opened my eyes to see a doctor in front and hear Tee’s voice behind me. 

So with all my might I pushed and just wanted to get it over and done with. In less than 10 mins of pushing, Baby D is out! At 35 weeks exactly!

The doctor then said I must have been working too hard so I had preterm labour. What to do, I was looking after an active toddler. This week, Tee was out the whole day for Perspectives seminar and I was busy with Judah, making Christmas cards preparation and baking cookies!

Well, now I’m excited about being family of 4. But ask me again when I leave the hospital and begin my sleepless nights!

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