Our time in Bangkok (ft 3 free children playgrounds for kids)

We made a second trip to Bangkok last week because I needed to renew my passport. Initially the plan was for me to go back to Singapore alone with Judah (because Tee was supposed to be busy with running a Y DTS in Sept). But because of the pregnancy, I don’t think I would be able to handle Judah by myself. In the end because it would cost lesser to collect my passport at the Singapore embassy in Bangkok than flying 3 of us back to SG, we opt to drive down. 

My agenda was to go to free places and eat! No shopping as it’s really depressing to shop when you can hardly fit in anything your usual size and in 2 months’ time, I won’t be needing bigger size clothes (fingers crossed!)

Of course, our first stop is always IKEA at Mega Bangna. A big playground for the adults and actually children too, except that when the child is awake while we are shopping, it can get pretty chaotic and stressful for me. 

So, our plan was to exhaust all the energy outta’ boy at the play areas around the mall with his lil friend before heading to IKEA. Judah had a really great time with his friend, W. They had only met once since last year but Judah was so excited to play with a friend. He was asking him to hold hands together the whole time! 

The second day, we went to the Children’s Discovery Museum behind Chatuchak Market. A couple of things are still work in progress. But the main things like the outdoor playground, water play and exhibits halls are set up pretty nicely. 

Judah loved the water play, of course, the weather is hot and he loves water. It’s much like the kind we have in Singapore. 

He wasn’t quite interested in the outdoor sand playground, I think because it’s a little young for the shaky bridges and tall ladders. Plus, it overlooks the water play which he was really more interested in.

The exhibition hall features different themes like Dinosaurs, My Body, Building a city, Cooking school etc. It’s a great place for school excursions and older children.

There is also another building that has a full padded playroom for 0-2 years old, lots of books, wooden toys and a ‘plot of land’ with veggies and flowers.

We didn’t get to explore another section called the Rainbow town because we were getting hungry. According to the brochure, it’s something like Kidzania where kids can do some role play learning. 

I wish we had more time or had pack our own lunch so we can have own lunch and do more playing after that. It’s a pity they didn’t have a cafe set up. However, there’s lots of street stalls just outside the museum. So I guess, one could go out to eat and go back in again, since entry is free.

While Judah was taking his nap, we had ventured to Siam Paragon area, and there was nothing much that a toddler could do. We could go to the Ocean World but we didn’t want to spend money on that and we didn’t have much time since we were going to meet another friend in 2 hours. KidZania would have been great but Judah is still too young to really enjoy it. I suddenly remembered that was a time we went to a free playarea in Central World Chidlom. 

So we walked all the way via the walkway. Judah was up by then and he wanted to walk, no sitting in the stroller. They had expanded the playarea and added a few more features. Kids can even ride the car for free, not exceeding 30 mins so other kids can have a chance. 

I really love it that it’s so family friendly, you don’t have to pay a lot for children to have fun. 

Super recommend these 3 places to go while you’re in Bangkok with kids. And they are so accessible via BTS. Except for Mega Bangna, you have to take a cab from Bang Na station, unless you drive then you can also load all the stuffs from IKEA. 

These 3 places might just be my favourite places to go whenever I’m in Bangkok.

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