week 27 of pregnancy #2

Just 10 more weeks or so, and our status of family of 3 will turn into family of 4! GASPS!! AM I ready?? I don’t know!

Well, some days I’m working out in my head how that will look like especially the first month of ‘confinement’ – how I will be physically, adjusting to taking care of myself, judah and baby #2. Since my mum is not able to come over to Chiang Mai to be with me, in my mind, I’m preparing myself to be ‘supermum’ and that I can do EVERYTHING. Only when the day comes, I will know if I can really do it or crash.


So far, I’ve been doing really well in the pregnancy, as like the first. No morning sickness, just tiredness from taking care of an energetic, active toddler. I’m so thankful for that, I cannot imagine being sick and having to take care of a toddler..

We think Judah has been doing well in preparation to be a big brother. He would kiss my tummy in the night, say “didi”, although sometimes he wants to say “meimei”. We hope he will be just as excited to see a physical baby in his house and be such a great helper too.

One thought on “week 27 of pregnancy #2

  1. Angela Sng says:

    Am sure you will do a great job! Daunting it is, but God will always provide us with what we need to really b supermums… Lol. Do you have to cook confinement food yourself as well? I can help to cook some soup for you 😊

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