We had been battling some flu bug for 2 weeks. First it was Judah who woke up really tired and expressionless and just want to cuddle and lie down whenever I leave him for a few minutes. It’s so unlike the usual chirpy active boy that we know. He vomitted three times, once a day for 3 days. Thankfully it’s not dengue. Then he had some coughing so we had to go to the doctor’s again. Boy, he hates medicine so much. That he would run away from us. After he got better, I caught some stuffy nose and cough from him. 

This week we are all well again! So thankful that Judah is usually healthy. This is the first time he fell sick since we had stopped breastfeeding though. Hopefully all that immunities stay with him and keep him healthy.

Cheeky smiles cheeky boy

All I want is cuddles

Quietly playing Playdoh while being sick

Though he’s sick and might vomit, eating is still very important

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