Homeschooling, really?

“Has he started going to school?”

“Where are you going to send him to school?”

Are the 2 most common questions we received in Singapore and in Chiang Mai. Well, firstly, he’s only 20 months. But I think most people send their kids to school as young as 18 months.

So, being kiasu (competitive, don’t-wanna-lose-out) Singapore mum, I have decided to start Judah on a homeschooling journey. Well, not really homeschooling. More like ‘School @ Home’.

This is no extensive ‘make-my-kid-into-a-genius’ kind of education. But just simple exposure and tools to allow him to play and learn.

For this week, we are starting on the letter ‘A’.

On Monday we have letter A printout, the plan was to colour it, but Judah wasn’t into colouring that day. I also threw in 3 toy aeroplanes into his learning box, which he excitedly repeated “Airplane”. Good! His most interested toy that day was the blocks. He immediately stacked them up, 5 in a row! Developmental milestone checked! Woot Woot!


The week continued with more blocks, about 8 in a row! And he can say “Apple” very well.



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