sleep baby sleep

This week, we have finally decided to embark, for real, on sleep training. I’ve been so exhausted and frustrated with Judah’s sleep issues. He neither sleeps well for naps nor nights. The only time he sleeps ‘well’ is on us, but that is not good sleep according to sleep experts.

Here’s a report on his sleep:

A for night sleeps. He’s down anytime between 7.45pm to 8.30pm with bath, bm, story and a prayer. However, he knows he’s going to be left alone so he will cry and try to stall us like hugging us and crying really loudly. So, we (I, Joy) have to just quickly walk towards the door, switch off the lights, walk out the door and close it behind us. Usually he’s quiet after 5 minutes or so. Then he sleeps through! YES! Exactly 12 hours!! Occasionally he does wake up crying in the middle of the night but after 5-10 minutes, he’s gone again. We haven’t had to go in to comfort him after that 5-10 minutes. And we don’t want to, or maybe we wouldn’t know. We will be so sound asleep too.

As for day naps, OMG, it’s F. The book that I read suggested doing naps concurrently though naps could wait. He hasn’t had a nap in his room. The first day, sort of. He cried for 30 minutes and finally slept for 30 minutes on his own but woke up screaming because of a poop bomb!

None since then. He had cried 40 minutes and no nap, or 1 hour and no nap. His naps ended up in the car or right beside me on my bed since I thought I had tortured him enough for the naps. Give him a break.

Something really cute and ‘heart-wrenching’ was that he would stand by the bathroom door or bedroom door crying his heart out, holding a little book titled “Guess how much I love you”. Aww man, how could I leave this little baby crying by himself in the room… Judah, you had me…

Overall, I’m really happy about his night sleeps. For real, he slept on his own and through the night. And gives me some free time to bake, clean, rest, watch tv and SLEEP!

Although I had been waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes takes a while to fall back to sleep. Or I would wake and couple of minutes later, I would hear Judah crying. It’s as if maternal instincts kick in and I anticipated a waking.

In the daytime, I think because Judah knows he will be “left alone”, he became a tad more clingy, like separation anxiety. It could be his wonder weeks symptoms or he knows he needs more cuddle time with us in the day.

Not sure what I’m going to do about his day naps yet. It’s really painful for him to cry a whole hour and not sleep, and be so cranky till the next nap. Or he will sleep in the car.. Or should I keep it the way it had been, nurse him for naps till he sleeps….


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