Finger painting

Judah is really craving for the water these days. It’s hard to find a good swimming pool around in Chiang Mai, unless you live in a moobaan that has a swimming pool facility, something like a townhouse setting. There’s no public pools like the ones in Singapore. Same goes for library, no public libraries, only those in schools. So, Judah has figured that the tap is pretty interesting and produces cold water. He has been turning that on all the time when he takes a bath. Sorry, “Save the Water” campaign peeps.

I thought it would be fun to let him try some finger painting since it’s also one of the activities that Pinterest suggests for toddlers.

We did it outside the house as Tee thinks the toilet is dirty for it and suggested the kitchen! GASP! Not the kitchen, I don’t want to spend hours after cleaning it!

I think Judah had fun, although he doesn’t really know yet what to do about it. He just keep digging into the muffins holes with the brush and messing the colours, but not painting on the paper. I tried putting his hands into the paint and he just looked at his hands and frowned. The cats were obviously very interested in the paints, they kept licking it. Judah managed to colour the cats a little (oops), and also the plants, the gate and the CAR!

It’s pretty easy to churn out those paints so surely an activity for another day!

Finger painting!

Finger painting!

IMG_0609 IMG_0628 IMG_0636 IMG_0674


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