Food for tots and adults

I’m on a journey to make meals that both Judah and us can eat. He is mostly eating porridge right now, so the only food I have been cooking is porridge. I’m also trying to cook more, making good use of the HUGE, NICE kitchen that I now have. Although it’s really easy to get food around Chiang Mai, and inexpensive, but you never know what they put inside the food (ie. MSG, too much salt etc).

So, last week I made rosti that all of us can eat, was supposed to omit the salt in Judah’s, but I forgot and his was exactly the same as ours, but ours had more salt added in the end.

This week, I made him Chicken meatballs (without salt, yes!) and we will have the same as him. I think I’m going to make pasta sauce (from the jar) and we can have spaghetti with chicken meatballs!


These meatballs are so good, they make a good party food!


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