Week-in-review Wednesdays

So, to help me update this website of ours more regularly, I thought of a couple themes and ideas to get those writing and creative juices going.

We shall see how far this goes….

For a start, to review the week, and what’s up in August.

FCM (Foundations in Counseling Minstry) has started! The school that I wanted to take in Chiang Mai 3-4 years ago, but ended up taking it in Co. Springs and thought that one day when I’m back, I would want to help pioneer it. And here I am, 3-4 years later, back in SE Asia and helping to pioneer it. The first YWAM meeting that I attended, didn’t know that the school was going to happen, the school leaders went up to introduce and publicise about the school and right away, I told them I want to join them!

It’s going to be a crazy 3 months. Frankly, the day before it started, I thought of withdrawing and just be a stay-home-mum. The thoughts of the logistics of getting me there and having to leave Judah with his dad made me have the jitters and maybe I should just remain status quo and not be part of the school, maybe it’s not my time. I’m thankful I pushed through those thoughts.

I’m there 3 times a week. Making things work will take more effort, but I believe God will give us the strength and the grace to do it.

The Lord is enough for us!


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