What? It’s March already?!

I’m appalled at how time goes by SO quickly! It’s already March!

March is a fun month. We will celebrate our 4th (?) year anniversary, Tee’s birthday.

This anniversary, we also commemorate the our one-year anniversary of leaving the States. That fast too, huh? Still remember that time last year, we were in such a loss of what to do and why things happened the way it happened. But the last one year we had not been shortchanged indeed.

In the last one month that I did not update, I cannot quite remember what happened. We were back in Singapore for Chinese New Year celebrations. I had missed it for 2 years and I love the CNY period. This year is also the first year Judah will be collecting angpows! So, he got more angpows that I had ever gotten when I was a kid. I also realised many of the distant relatives have grown so much older since I last saw them.

Now, readjusting to Chiang Mai life before we head to SG again in April.

Oh and we are so excited that our house is coming together and will be done hopefully end May.


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