journal ready for 2015: goal setting

In the last post, there was a picture of my new journal. I love it so much! It’s a cork-board cover with embroidered words “the only way to do great work is to love what you do by be joyful”.

I love to buy journals but how many books were used totally and how many were used halfway? In my early twenties, I was diligent in writing my journals, reflections, but towards the end of my twenties, I became lazy and many journals were half used. I couldn’t resist buying pretty journals!

So, I was hoping I will make good use of this, especially when it had such a meaningful front cover.

I began looking for ideas on what to do with my journal other than just writing “Dear Diary…” I like the idea of putting a monthly calendar in my journal where I can write my events with my colourful pens. I went down to the bookstore and got a bunch of washi tapes and cute post-its, and immediately (when Judah is sleeping or playing by himself or with his dad) began drawing out January and decorating with the washi tapes.


Incidentally, yesterday night, someone posted about Passion Planner on my FaceBook wall. I thought it was pretty interesting. Passion Planner is a kickstarter project that wanted to help people define their goals and dreams, turn them into actionable steps, and write them in a place that they would see and use everyday. I like the questions that challenged people to think about like “good things that happened in the week”, “setting long term and short term goals”. They were very similar to Coaching, a seminar that I had attended before that helped me work out my goals, which in turn I was supposed to be a Coach and coach others.

I used the following questions in my journal to set out my goals and mind mapped out my long term and short term goals of (lifetime, 3 years, 1 year and 3 months)

Hope these questions can help you to think about what you want to achieve in 2015:

What are the one or two things that are on God’s agenda for my life right now?

If I could change one thing in my life right now, what would it be?

What are the obstacles that are holding me back from reaching my potential in this season of life?

When I think ahead to 3 years from now, how do I want my life to be different?


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