hello 2015

I can hardly wait for the clock to strike twelve and say “hello 2015!!!”

2014 was rough at the start, we were having great expectations of what could be, but was brutally removed from our time in Colorado Springs, transported and transited back to where we come from. It was no doubt a good time to be back, but we also felt like we were not done there. Having Judah was a good thing, to realign us to our home base, recognising how supportive our family are and how much we need them. Now, we can see with clearer perspective of why we were in the States for 2 years and why we are now back.

I don’t know what 2015 looks like, but I’m sure am excited about it.

My sensing is that we are going to, pretty much, get settled in Chiang Mai (hopefully, lest we get relocated again) – having our home, seeing what God has in store for us in Chiang Mai.

On a sidenote, I am excited about starting my new journal, tracking our 2015 expenses and budget.



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