my 6-month journey

Judah has reached the 6 months mark! Yay! We’ve survived 6 months! Phew!

Are we done yet? Not quite.

How did I survive 6 months? I’m not sure either.

Some days I just think that I don’t have the strength to go through tomorrow, because tomorrow looks a little like today and today was hard. But I also learned to embrace today because today will never come back. Treasure today today.

One of the highlights of reaching the 6-month mark is that I’ve breastfed Judah for 6 months! During the first month, I wanted to quit because it was painful and tiring, I am the only person who could offer him milk, unless  I pump out, but it was hard too. I just persevered one month at a time after reading Timeline of a breastfed baby. I don’t know how long I will continue for, maybe when he starts biting me with his teeth.

Actually, I am glad that I’m able to offer this precious gift of breastmilk to Judah, the best gift we can give and want our kids to have is Health. When you strip everything off (i.e. toys, clothing, books, etc), what all parents want (or maybe just me) is good health for their (my) kids.


So, Judah, we love you! And we wish you good sleeps through the night and long long naps!


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