carrot and broccoli puree

Since the pumpkin puree, Judah had eaten avocado and papaya. These 2 were just mashed, not blended. I had a little scare when he didn’t poo for 2 days after eating avocado, I feel that the fruit wasn’t ripe enough when I mashed it. He used to poo 3 times a day! I could tell he is in great agonised constipation, as each morning, he would cry in such a way like he is in pain while lifting his legs up. No matter how I coax him to poo, nothing comes out.

Finally, after eating some rice cereal mixed with a little papaya, he managed to poo! Yay! Sorry dude, we are talking about your business. When you poo and leak all over, we complain. When you don’t poo, we worry.

Also, found an ice-cube tray that makes little cubes at Daiso Thailand. I think it works so much better than the regular size cubes, makes baby-size servings.

Up next on his menu, broccoli puree, and bananas if they ripe by then, and carrot puree next.



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