a 6-year-old’s love for Judah

A family whom we knew in Colorado Springs had just arrived in Chiang Mai. We brought them and their 6-year-old to Nic’s Playground – a restaurant with a big playground for kids to run, climb and jump.

There were 2 convos we had with the 6-year-old, M and really showed his love for Judah.

#1: M asked if he could give a candy cane to Judah. I thanked him and said he could keep the candy cane for himself as Judah cannot eat it yet. M said, ‘well, it’s ok, you can keep it for him for the future.’ I felt bad to reject this little boy’s kindness and kept the candy cane. Well, candy cane can really last a long time. They never go bad anyway. 😛

#2: M said to Judah: “You cutie pie.” and gave him a kiss. He then asked me if it was the first kiss Judah had. I quickly said yes. M’s expression changed instantly and asked in disbelief, “You mean you have never kissed him?” That was hilarious. It was his first kiss given by a 6 years old,  a special one, I said. I have my way with children, he he!

Pretty sure, M wished Judah is big enough to run and play with him, and Judah too, wished he was big enough to run and play with the big boys.


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