bed of roses

IMG_6001Finally, a vase of roses in the house. Well, mostly because we are having a guest stay with us for a month and she likes a stalk of rose. The market only sells a bunch of roses, so I get the rest. Yay!

I kinda, sorta, like the idea of having a vase of flowers in the house. It’s easier to get them here, coz there are pretty cheap. These were only 100baht which is S$4!

I always ask Tee to get me flowers, but he will say “why buy a bouquet when you can plant your own (next time when we have a garden yada yada…)” It takes lots of effort to maintain, my dear.

Two other reasons why he wouldn’t get me any flowers are because (1) flowers in Singapore are pretty expensive (2) the first time he got me flowers on my birthday, the first thing that came out of my mouth was “where did you get this from? Did you borrow it? (something like that)”. He was pretty hurt by it. We now talk about it as a joke. But my intention was that I didn’t want him to splurge unwisely as he is a missionary and a bouquet of flowers isn’t cheap.

Anyway, now flowers in Chiang Mai are pretty affordable. We will see when is the next guest who will get some flowers and I get to share in that glory.


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