pumpkin puree

Judah started on baby food this week. A whole new adventure.

We are doing the whole allergies test thingy – one new food per 3-4 days, which we think probably he won’t have any allergies since we both don’t have any allergies. I’m making my own baby food since the ones in the stores often contain sugar and salt and all kind of weird stuffs, and organic baby foods are expensive and probably hard to get here.

We started him with brown rice cereal from Healthy Times (bought in Singapore). I did researched on how to make my own, but I was too lazy.

Then went onto mashed potato puree which didn’t quite turned out as a puree. That was quite a kitchen nightmare, every first time is, so let’s not talk about it. The next one will be better! Hey, Judah likes it, he didn’t object.

Now up, Pumpkin Puree! It’s a pretty success! Yay!

1/4 pumpkin, cubed and boiled (baked will retain the most nutrients, but I didn’t want to crank up the oven, the first time we used that oven, it died! I didn’t want any more kitchen nightmares this time, so boiling is the safest bet. Next time I will bake so that he gets more nutrients.)

Blend it with 250ml of water.



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