It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

our first christmas tree

This year marks the first year we have our own Christmas tree as a family. We get to spend it together as our new little family, Daddy, Mummy and Baby.

Christmas was not really something both our families celebrate in our growing up years. Only when we become Christians, then we discover the real meaning of Christmas – the coming of our Saviour.

I remember when I was growing up, my family would go out for Christmas meals, my brother and I will wear our “now what I call ugly sweaters” (December is rainy season, so it’s cold and we would wear knitted sweaters), take photos of the Christmas decorations along Orchard Road. We never had a Christmas tree as my parents think that it’s a waste of money, space to keep and collects dust all year round.

After I became a Christians, I was introduced to carolling and eventually going for mission trips during the Christmas season.

What kind of family traditions shall we start to have?


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