Baby J and mummy’s flight together

Many people must have thought that I must be crazy or very brave to fly alone with baby J. Actually on hindsight, that’s true. When I booked our tickets, it felt like “no biggie”, like taking a bus from Serangoon to Bishan, easy peasy.

The night before we fly, I asked Tee what should I do if I needed to use the bathroom. I thought of letting baby J be carried by the flight attendant, but Tee said that it’s not safe, he might go missing as per some movie. He said I could strap him down on the changing table in the toilet, but I’m not sure about the space. Anyway, what I did was to empty my bladder before boarding and try to drink as little water as possible…

The flight was relatively easy, my main concern was whether I would be embarrassed to breastfeed baby J.. But I had the window seat, so I just do it without much hesitation. Baby J did fuss, cry loudly (as usual), but it was solved very quickly with a pacifier. I think now he is super addicted to it (I have ruined him!!)

The funny thing on flight was that I was sitting next to a 81-year-old man. He asked if I was Thai. He must have thought that I must be a Thai woman bringing a baby to Singapore, looking for the baby’s father.. (Drama right..) The most drama of all was when he began to tell me about him wanting to help a Thai woman, giving her about $5 million baht in total to rebuild her house, get a 7-11 shop, buy a truck and sponsor her daughter to finish law school and right now, he is wondering if the lady is cheating him of his money. Pretty drama. Well, I hope that he will be able to come to his senses and hope that the lady is not out to con him..


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