Nursing rooms in Chiang Mai

When I was preparing our move, I kept thinking how the nursing facilities would be like in Chiang Mai would be like. These past few years, Chiang Mai has been developing rapidly, about 8 or 10 shopping malls have popped up, and they are mega! But when you don’t have kids, you wouldn’t think about nursing rooms right. I know for sure that there would be some in the malls but definitely not small places like Tesco.

So, just for fun, a little look into and reviews of the nursing facilities:

1. Central Festival Plaza


Initially I thought I need to go into Robinsons Children’s department to find a nursing room, but managed to spot one among the toilet area. It is very clean and quiet. A seating area for daddies to wait as mummies nurse their bubs. The nursing area is small and basic and the downside is that there’s no curtains or doors, but you can lock the whole room and have it all to yourself. There’s a nice family toilet where everyone can do their respective business together. The diaper changing area is a little pathetic. I wish they put in some mat so baby is not just lying on the counter. Or we can change the little bub on the sofas.

2. Airport Plaza (nursing room at Robinsons)

IMG_6571 IMG_6572

We couldn’t find a nursing room at the Basement of the mall, not sure if there’s any at the other floors. Probably because Airport Plaza is an older mall, so not surprised if there’s none. The first thought was the Children’s department at Robinsons. True enough, there was a sign that says Baby Care room at the kiddy dept. It was not as big as Central Festival’s, but a nice size. Very clean and quiet and comfortable. Nice changing station (that’s what I’m talking about, Central Festival) I think the setup is more for individual rather than for sharing. The nursing corner has 2 seats but only a curtain to separate the changing area and nursing area.

3. Airport Plaza (Basement)

The 2nd time we went to Airport plaza, we managed to find the nursing room at the Basement level. I thought the baby had pooped and since we were heading off for dinner and grocery shopping after that, I knew there would not be another place to change his diaper if we did not do it in the mall. This nursing room is very unique, it’s not just a mummy’s room but also a first aid room. There are beds for shoppers who are ill to rest, a mummy’s corner to nurse baby, and a changing table.

changing table

changing table

mummy's corner

mummy’s corner


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