Life forever changed with the arrival of baby JudahL

Looking back at the last post since, I was having a relaxing, boring day, finding things to do while Tee was away, and making plans of what else needed to be done while waiting for baby’s arrival in 2 weeks’ time. But who knew there would be a complete turn of event!

Couple days after that last post, the birth of our firstborn son!

So, on Friday June 27th wee morning at 5am, I woke up to go to the bathroom and saw that I was bleeding like those of the menstruation. I thought something must not be right, as the book says that if there’s a show (of blood), labour might be coming soon. I texted Tee to tell him what had happened.

After I woke up at 9am, told my mum what had happened and she said I better monitor and admit to the hospital if necessary, then off she went to take care of my grandma at my auntie’s house. So I was left all alone at home, I ate, slept, watched dramas while I was experiencing some menstrual cramps-like feeling. I began to time them and they were about 15-20 mins interval. The pain was bearable and I was not going to admit myself to the hospital without waiting for Tee to come back. He was going to be back that evening at 7pm.

By the afternoon, my mum called to check on me and I told her the situation. Finally we decided that I should just admit to the hospital first and Tee would join us there. At 6pm, I had some friends who brought us there, Rachel for accompanying my mum and Andrew who drove us to KKH.

At the hospital, the doctor said I had dilated 3cm and would go into the labour ward. One hour later, Tee arrived at the hospital with his luggages! Haha!

Judah was then born on Saturday, June 28, 6.02am, weighing 3.06kg. A cute baby he was!


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