Week 1

1st 5 daysOur little prince, Judah L. was born on 28 June 2014 at KKH Singapore. He weighed 3.06kg and 42cm long.

He had a really loud and strong cry. Good lungs huh, buddy.

On the first night that we had him at home, he would wake up and cry in the middle of the night (like all babies do). Feeding checked, clean diapers checked, temperature checked, we didn’t know what else could be wrong. One thought in my mind: Can I return this baby? To where? Nowhere except with us.

On the third day of his birth, we were told to bring him to the polyclinic to have his jaundice level checked as the doctors found a blood clot on his head.

Happily we were to the polyclinic, only to be issued a letter to go the the Children’s Emergency of KKH. Upon arriving at KKH, Judah was checked and we were told that he has to be admitted in the Children’s ward for phototherapy to bring the jaundice level down. It was a sad day, our 3-day old baby were to be left in the hospital all by himself. The previous night I was just thinking of returning the baby, well, not really, I didn’t really want him to leave me.

We left the hospital with heavy hearts because he would be all alone. It’s no biggie actually, it’s common for Asian babies to have their jaundice level on the high side. We could have a good sleep for 1 day.

The next day, I waited anxiously for the hospital to call and update us on the status of his jaundice level and the good news that we can bring him home. That evening, we brought our sweet baby home with us.



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