While Tee is away…

The day gets especially long when Tee is not around.. Only the first day, 3.5 more days to go!

I was surfing Pinterest and chanced upon this pin title “Ways to entertain yourself

And already, I have done a few of these things or was thinking about doing some of them..

– #3 Clean your home (I’ve done our laundry, washed the baby carriers and toys, and this week, I have to wash the sheets and other stuffs to prepare for baby J’s arrival)

– #12 Shop your pantry and create a meal (I need to have lunch, so made some porridge with salted egg and luncheon meat)

– #23 Give yourself a manicure and pedicure (I’m thinking of doing it, but thinking I’m too lazy to wait for them to dry)

– #25 Create a playlist of music (Been playing Spotify the whole day..)

– #13 Upcycle something (I want to sew or repurpose a pillowcase for baby J’s changing cover this week)

– #33 Listen to a TED talk (I stared at the TED app, but didn’t have an inspiration to open it)

– #37 Find projects and ideas on Pinterest (yup, that’s why I chanced upon this list!)

– #58 Explore apps (yup, already did on App Store)

– #59 Explore different recipes and bookmark them (yup, did it while I was still in bed and saved them in my Paprika app. I wanted to bake Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies, but didn’t want to perspire like crazy)

– #64 Bake cookies (see above: maybe one of these days..)

– #66 Play video games (yea, the games on iPad..)

– #67 Listen to the radio (yup, playing Spotify the whole day now)

– #68 Meditate (well, Reading counts too right? Borrowed “The book of forgiving” by Desmond Tutu & Mpho Tutu. Aim to read a chapter a day and finish it in 9 days’ time)

Is he back yet?


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