Father’s Day Tribute Part 2

By Joy:

I’m hoping our boy will be born on 4th July which will coincide with my dad’s birthday. I wish to tell our children about their granddads since both their granddads have passed on in life and will not be able to enjoy their company.

My dad loves to read the papers, he is actually a very knowledgeable and wise man, though we seldom hear him ‘preach’ to us. In fact, he always has a joke or something funny for us. Growing up, we seldom spend time together as he comes home in the morning, watches tv till noon and sleeps till the evening. We would have an hour dinner together and sometimes he takes another nap and goes off to drive the taxi in the night. He wasn’t a rich man, he used to be. His family had a business but he had to declare bankrupt, (in my opinion to preserve other family members from having to do so).

He seldom disciplines us, and when he does, it must have really annoyed him. Actually, whenever I’m in trouble, I’ll go to him for rescue. He allows us to choose what we want to do, or believe in, as long as we don’t go out of line. When I chose to be the first Christian in the family, my brother questioned and he said ‘she can choose to believe in whatever she wants’. It gave me so much freedom. I was told that this was what he said of me “I’m glad our daughter doesn’t go out late into the night.” One time when I was crying myself to death over a breakup, he grabbed the phone and scolded the boy in question. I was angry at him because I thought he messed things up, but actually he came from a protective father’s standpoint, he never allows his girl to be bullied by a boy.

The last few years before the fateful night, we try to spend more time together, having weekly Sunday dinners, going for movies, going into JB. He also found a newfound love in cooking, and would whip up delicious creative meals for us. I wish we had more of such times.

Our last conversation was his question on why is Good Friday good. I was about to leave for church, and I quickly answered him that that’s because Jesus died for us and asked if he would come to church with me on Sunday. But he never came back on that fateful Saturday.

He was robbed by a passenger who inflicted one wound too many, deserted him in a forested area.

I believe I will see him again in heaven.


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