Father’s Day Tribute Part 1

By Tee:

Since it’s Father’s day, so I thought I would share a story about my father.

My father was from China….(yes…that makes me Chinese….) From what I was told, his father (my granddad) migrated to Thailand first and was doing very well. When he passed away, my father came to Thailand to settle his funeral. After that he decided to stay on in Thailand, found a job as an apprentice in a goldsmith. I’m not sure exactly how or when he moved from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. But through that apprenticeship, he met my mother who is a Chinese lady from Bangkok. Their marriage was arranged as it was common back then…

For the lack of details in between, by the time I was born in 1981 (Now you know my age) I was the 4th child. The last one. The very very late one. The 3rd sibling and I were about 15 years apart. I was born into a well-established goldsmith business. My father was an excellent businessman. You can imagine the journey from working as a goldsmith apprentice, learning his craft to become a business owner himself. Feeding us kids and sending us to a very very good school in town. That takes a lot of endurance and perseverance… I love my father.

I wasn’t very close to my mother for a personal reason, so growing up, my father was always kind of my best friend. He would ride his Vespa (yes that’s right… He had a Vespa! Cool eh?) to send me back and forth from school. We had so many good times together. He would take me to dinner at a specific Teo Chew Porridge vendor almost everyday. He was the one who taught me to put ice into the porridge when it’s too hot. It was a great idea.

When I was 12, he took me to visit his family in China. This photo was taken from that trip. I think we were in Hong Kong with a tour group before we left them and go on into mainland China. I remember meeting my grandmother, my uncle and my cousins… It was so fun.. The only no fun part was that, I could not speak a word of Chinese in my month’s stay. Bummer…..

Well, that turned out to be our last trip together… A year later, he died of a heart attack. I still remember that fateful night all too well.

Manchester United was losing to Blackburn Rovers on the telly… then the phone call came… all my bro n’ sis left home in a hurry. Next morning, it was emotional for a 13 yr-old. I finally saw his body at the morgue. My tear started rolling… he is gone… forever…

I think God has laid a very strong foundation of what a good father is through this man. The man whom I have a privilege to call “papa”. And several years later when I came to know the Father in Heaven, it wasn’t a struggle to understand the Father’s heart of God, for I have seen the glimpse of it…. but this time, it was so much more than any earthly father could give… I’m no longer an orphan anymore….

Now in less than a month away… I’m going to become father myself… I’m speechless of what this amazing privilege means to me. I just trust that God gave this child to me, He will help me in His grace n’ mercy to be a good father to my child…. my sweet sweet child…

So it begins…..
Happy father’s day every buddy!

My Papa & me

My Papa & me


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