been working on



Worked on this quilt for 2 weeks.

I got the pattern from Jo-ann Fabric’s Triangle Quilt free pattern. I was so glad that I have enough fabric for this project. I didn’t buy any of the patterned fabrics and was hoping that my donated stash was sufficient. Bought the batting and minky fabric backing though.

Definitely a fun experience, it was my first time making a quilt. I quilted a pillow case before, but not a blankie quilt. I just hope that after washing, it would not tear to pieces…

It was really tiring, especially when I had to sit on the floor (biggest clear surface I have), crawl around the blankie to tag the 3 big pieces of fabric together! My poor back! I had to do it twice over two days because after sewing the WHOLE thing once, I realized that I had arranged them wrong!!!

I think baby will only use it after 6 months or so, or maybe we could use it as a stroller cover during the cold days.

After it’s done, what should my next project be???

Actually, I have a few in mind…
– a nursing cover
– matching burp cloth that goes with a bib that I’ve already made
– maybe another bib

better to do it before baby arrives!


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