the most common question

The most question that people ask is “So, what do you do in this Y360 ministry?”

Well, it’s not a question that can be answered easily, because it might be better if you come and get to know.

One of the things that I do here is some support work. Aka admin work (Which I absolutely hate!) But somebody gotta do what somebody doesn’t want to do. I mean, support work is necessary to get things going.

One of the things we do as a ministry is to distribute resources to the body of Christ. We have an online store that sells books, and an incredible outreach resource called the Audibible. It’s as small as a little cassette (if you still know what that is). It’s solar-powered, able to store audios in a small SD card. It’s useful when you load the Bible in the language of the place that you are going, and give it away to the people you meet. And, they have the Bible in their language, loaded in this small device, in their hands.

So, here in this picture, we have an order of 100 of them. And we are packing away to send out to where they need to go.



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