It’s the little things

I am going to make Mango Sticky Rice at an international gathering this weekend.

I had seen mangoes for 99cents each at the Asian Market and $1 each at Albertsons.

I was just joking with Tee last night about hoping to get mangoes at 78cents each elsewhere.

78 cents. Such a weird number that came out of my mouth. Why 78 cents, why not 75 or 79?

Anyway, this morning, I went to the King Sooper near our place to get some groceries that I needed for tonight’s meal with my FCM classmate.

Guess what.

I saw mangoes going for 79 cents each! Almost exactly what I asked for! Woot woot!

It’s the little things even such as this to make me happy. I love getting things at a deal. My brain just become so calculative and keen in numbers, that I would kinda sorta remember different prices of different products at different stores, so that I don’t end up paying more. Even if I do, I won’t beat myself up, but just remember not to get at the higher price places anymore.

It makes lots of difference especially when on a tight budget…


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