House-hunt Round 3

So, this is our 3rd round of looking for a new place to stay in the last 1.5 years we had been Colorado Springs.

Our first was when we had to move out of the YWAM base after I was done with the FCM school. The 2nd was when we stayed with our team members and we kinda wanted to move out though not necessary. Now we have to move out of our current basement.

Thankfully we have a couple-friend who is going on their Sabbatical for 3 months and we can house-sit for them. At least somewhere to go for 3 months.

I so wish Round 4 will be the last one, but it all depends on our visa application news and our finances.

We have been looking around the apartments here. Those that are super nice, we can’t afford. Those that are potentially within our budget but not yet, are scary places to live in. The reviews are like “if you are in gangs or like doing drugs, this is a great place for you…” (ehmmmmm…….. : X ) Praying for the right time to make the decision. God has the overall picture for us.


On another note, we are going to our new home for 3-months to find out what we have to do (water the plants, mow the lawn, take out trash, etc, how to clean the bathroom and kitchen etc).

And I thought it would be nice to bring a little gift, coz the lady’s love language is GIFTS. The best kind of gift I can give is Food Gift. (Haha!)

A tried and test recipe and a Pinterest-inspired package.

May I introduce you to “Pineapple-Zucchini Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting“!



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