Some international connection

Last night, we had a hilarious and amazing encounter! We had a meeting for the upcoming Christmas event to the Internationals in Colorado Springs area.

A couple with a kid walked through our door, and they asked if they have met me anywhere before because I looked really familiar. And I don’t remember knowing them before this. But for sure, they looked South East Asian.

Tee came out and also said they looked really familiar.

In my head, I was thinking “Don’t tell me, they were the family at the Vietnamese restaurant some months back?”

And, Tee said “I think I know, maybe we were at that Vietnamese restaurant, we saw some people that looked Asian with very (VERY) strong Singaporean/Malaysian accent.”

And yah! We were all at the same restaurant at the same time, and now we get connected through this Christmas event, at our Y360 facility. How cool is that? Small world!

So, then we got invited to a Malaysian gathering for Aug 31 (Merdeka!). Woohoo! Asian food! Char Kway Teow, Mango Sticky Rice, and many more!

Better yet, we shared a little about the community cafe idea we have and they told us that there’s 2 Malaysian ladies who want to start a food truck on Malaysian-fusion. We get to meet them on Aug 31 too!

God is so good at setting up appointments!


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