Story of rices

We are so blessed that 2 ladies have given us a very important staple in our diet – RICE!

They gave us Basmati rice, Jasmine rice & Sushi Rice. I am so happy to get sushi rice coz I always want to try making sushi but the rice is quite expensive. We just finished our jasmine rice so it was good time to receive it. I have never used basmati rice but it is so light and fluffy. I mistook basmati for jasmine rice until when I really want to use basmatic rice and realized I had mixed them up.

Anyway enough of the rice description.

So all the rice were packaged in 1 gallon ziploc baggies. And I’m so afraid they will explode and I’ll have rice confetti!

So dear me thought of getting containers to store them.

I thought of getting them at Goodwill (2nd hand thrift store) but experience tells me that it just takes too much effort to wash them and disinfect (I mean DISINFECT) them!

Saw a set of 4 containers of varying sizes at Walmart and they were $14 for the set.. Didn’t have the peace to buy it as I’m pretty sure I can get it cheaper somewhere (maybe online!)

I was contemplating to let them remain in their baggies and save that $14, until we turned the corner to Ross. Our favourite store where stuffs are marked down and they are kinda off-season or can’t sell on regular shelves. (I love Ross, I just want to buy all the kitchenwares in the stores!)

And there I find small and big glass containers that were $1.99 and $2.99 respectively. And there were 4 big ones! I save 2 bucks!! Best thing, the hubby says ok!

No rice should go into the containers unlabeled.

So find me some labels ideas on Pinterest. And I love the labels I found.

There, my neat rice containers for my non-existence kitchen…



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