Journey of our Summer Roadtrip

From Grand Canyon to LA to San Jose to Oregon and to Seattle

We finished our work at the Hopi Reservation a day earlier and decided that we will swing by the Grand Canyon since it’s just an hour or two away from we were.


Taking a night’s rest at a budget motel in Flagstaff before the drive to LA. The moment we crossed the LA limits, it was traffic jam on all 6 lanes! Welcome to city life!

Staying at our friend whom we know in SG, Beth’s house by Sunset beach, we set out to be on the beach at least everyday. The OCEAN! We haven’t been on the beach for 15 months, man! Visiting the Hollywood Walk of Fame and looking for famous people on the floor. The surroundings are actually quite scary, feels like a red-light district (sigh). Taking photos at the famous Hollywood sign! Trying out the Metro system to beat the traffic, it’s pretty interesting, we actually fit in! So many Asians, Mexicans, Africans! Stopped by Little Tokyo and Thai town to ease our deprivation of Japanese and Thai culture in Colorado Springs.

The bests was that Tee spoke at the Thai church and got to hang out over Thai fellowship, and then meeting our friends who just moved to LA 3 weeks ago. Thai food at Thai town and Singaporean food at their apartment. And we got to drive a Merc convertible coz our friend owned one. Whee~


*seemed like Joy only takes photos around food

A midpoint attraction while on the way to San Jose, California, was the drive on Highway 1 through Big Sur. It was a scenic drive by the edge of the mountains, overlooking the ocean. We stopped by a Elephant Seals viewing point. There must be like 50-100 elephant seals suntanning there!


At San Jose, California, we got to stay with a young fun-loving couple. Son of the Thai pastor that we spoke at, with his Taiwanese-American wife. And we got to have a tour inside the Apple HQ!! Had a hike at the Henry Cowell Redwoods Park, crossed the river 4 times! Went to a Asian flea market, finally some real Asian night market, not like the lame ones in Colorado Springs. Did a rush tour in San Francisco, Uniqlo was the first stop, drove through the Golden Gate bridge, met another friend, had Puerto Rican food.

** photos later

At this point, my iPhone was wet and not working. It was left in my pocket while I crossed the river.. And because we were heading to Bethel Church, I so wanted to ask them to pray over my phone. But I didn’t do it, too embarrassing, just do it myself. And yes, we went to Bethel Church, we were surprised at how small the property, it’s not that big, or mega. Bill Johnson spoke that day and he was like a grandfather speaking to his grandkids and kids, sharing his wisdom and experience with us.

Entering Oregon to visit 2 friends, one in Roseburg and another in Portland. Tee had been separated from his roommate of 5 years when they were in SG. We got to stay with them, and we room in their RV trailer. Pretty cool! They are such a sweet family, cute kids, great parents, so hospitable and giving!


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