A new look for the summer

I have been always wanting to cut my hair short, since after 12 years of having my hair past the shoulder length. And that was after 10 years of having to don a short hairstyle, above the neckline, short fringes, result of being in a traditional girls’ school.

But everytime I go to the hairdresser, I would be thinking that I want to cut it short, but then I lose courage quickly and then continue to trim 1-2 inches off and keep the long hair.

Yesterday afternoon, I find that my hair was so long, so heavy and pom, half the length of my hair was black and the other half was dyed. So I said I want to cut my hair, like short, bob style. And when Tee took the left turn to go into the place where the hairdresser was. I was like “are you serious? am i really going to cut my hair?” Tee then said that I’m always talking about it but not serious.

I was in such a dilemma, I want to cut it, but I’m afraid of how it would look like. Would my hair qiao, become wavy or be completely unmanageable. At least with long hair, I can tie it up (but I seldom do it..)

So, in we go into the hairdresser, took the lady that it was an impulsive act that I’m going to cut it. She was so nice, she kept validating my feelings and concerns and allow me to go where I’m comfortable. (I think hairdressers make good counsellors!)

Finally, I have short hair! About 5 inches of my hair was chopped!1064778_10151481151386560_979900275_o


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