Summer Roadtrip 2013

We are planning to be on a roadtrip this summer to the West Coast.

Starting off with a week long trip to Hopi Reservation, Arizona where Tee will finished up the renovation project at the staff house there. And I will probably get to provide meals for the meals and childcare to 2 little girls.

Then we will head to LA, San Francisco, California and Portland. Planning for it has been amazing! Well, Tee is the main guy planning the trip, finding friends whom we can stay with. He has lots of friends worldwide, you see.


I have no idea where we are going, but when I hear about friends in LA, California, San Fran, Portland, I’m like ‘oh, i’ll be there, maybe we can see you!’. In no time, our trip might spread to all 50 states of America this summer. ;p

I wish we have friends in Idaho/Wyoming, then we could stay with them. Or we have to get a motel or sleep in our car!


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