Summary of our life in the US

So, amazingly and unknowingly, we have been in the States for a year plus 1 month now! We had come to join a Youth with a Mission team called Y360, focuses mainly on communication (ie. videos, books, print), raising awareness to and of communities and equipping people. Tee is the main guy between both of us to do that, while I love to do counseling and coaching (that’s why now I’m part of YWAM’s Foundations in Counseling ministry school).

Many people ask how long more will we be there, when will we come back even for a visit. The answer is so difficult to explain in a few words. We are in application for a certain visa to allow us to stay on for another few years. Therefore, as long as we don’t get the news, we are not allowed to leave the country, else our application will be forfeited. We did hear back couple of months ago in Feb that there was an intent to deny, but they asked for more documents. We sent it back and now we are still w.a.i.t.i.n.g.

It’s a difficult process because we are kind of settled but not settled. We want to look for apartment to move into, but we are not sure when we will be able to stay until. I want to buy household stuffs, but I’m not sure if I get to use it, or we might have to sell it if we have to return to our own countries.

But we are not worried, we live each day and plan out stuffs like we will be here for the next 3 months. The word of the Lord is that we be a blessing wherever we are, however long we are in a place. The visa is not our permission to stay. God is. So much freedom after getting that from God last year!

If we do get to stay, our pressing concern is looking for an apartment. Initially, our budget was US$400, but after looking around, a $400 rent apartment would be one that is shabby and too scary to live in. The average for an apartment close to where we work, go to church would be around USD$600-800.

Well, we don’t have that kind of money yet.. What we have is only sufficient for our gas, phone, food ($100) and rent ($150)..

Would you pray with us that we will hear back from the visa office soon, and that we will have more partners who believe in what we do and will join us in giving financially?


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