Manitou Incline

This is a climb that I thought I would never do. Because of all the ‘horror’ stories about it, it’s steep, you feel like puking and dying halfway. But the view at the top is worth it, some says.

So, Tee was planning to go there on Friday, and I was like ‘eh, you can go by yourself!’. Then my friend from Switzerland said she wanna go. And so, I agreed that we shall all go together!

I had no idea what to prepare and how to prepare for it. So off we went on a Saturday morning at 9am. Parked our car at the park by Manitou Springs and took the shuttle bus to the trailhead.

And we started on those wooden steps. They were old rail tracks that are now used as the stepping trails. After 5 minutes, I was so sick to my stomach, plus the increased elevations (we were around 6000+ft and going up to 8000+ft). I took a rest and just felt like puking so much. Tee had already went ahead while my friend stayed with me. But I asked her to go ahead since I didn’t want to delay her or prevent her from finishing the climb. After she left, I instantly puked out whatever was in my stomach and felt so much better.

Then I continued to walk, counting 100 steps at a time to help me focus and ground myself. After that first 100 steps, I needed to take a break again. This went on for many times, until I wondered if I should continue or to stop. It was too far off to walk down to the beginning of the trail, with the steep steps, I might just roll down the hill. But to walk up looks really difficult, how long more will I take to reach the top??!! So I inched my way upwards slowly until the only way was to go up.

Finally after 2 and 1/2 hours, I reached the top and reunited with Tee and my friend!! Yay!!

The way down is to go by the Barr Trail, which was all sandy and rocky, zig zag. It felt like the journey was never ending because of all the zig zags trail.

I guess, it was worth it to do the Incline once in my life. And whether I’ll do it a 2nd time, I’m not sure about…



2 thoughts on “Manitou Incline

  1. Xtina says:

    Xtina Liang here! Saw your blog some time back, but wasn’t a religious followe (oops). Now that I am here, very refreshing! Continue to update this space and take care =) xoxo

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