Battle of the squirrel and the magpie

I think God created animals to entertain us.

While waiting for a friend to pick me up so we can go to the food bank. I waited 30 minutes outside the house, in the hot sun (coz I thought she will reach in 10)

Other than playing Candy Crush, there was a battle of a squirrel and a magpie.

These 2 creatures have been fighting for a long time, we saw them fighting last week too.

Ding ding!

Squirrel runs around, up and down the tree while magpie flies up and down and around the tree. Both creatures are so quick and nimble. Seemed like no way for any of them to be defeated or win.

Squirrel ran in a straight line to the next tree and the next tree. A couple of times, the magpie seemed to be able to get the squirrel but it relented.

All of a sudden, a pigeon came to the rescue of the squirrel, gawking at the magpie. Almost instant, another magpie came to join forces with the first magpie.

Now 2 magpies against 1 squirrel (the pigeon didn’t do much except to gawk at the magpie from the fence)

Squirrel ran into the shrubs and the end of their battle for the day..

Funny animals.

(And my friend is still not here, though I took 8 mins to write this post) Aiyooo!


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