1/3 of FCM

End of week 4 in FCM! Two-thirds more to go..

It’s really awesome to listen to the teachings again. Especially, when the first week’s topic on Identity was taught by a different person, so it’s interesting to see how Mary Hagaeland approached it. Same Same But Different.

The 2nd week on Active Listening & Rational Christian Thinking was taught by the same person, Eric Spady, as last year, but listening it again brought deeper revelations and insights. More like, I could kinda see progress in myself.

Last year, the 3rd week’s topic on The Divine Plumbline was crammed in 2 days, but this year, we have 1 whole week for it and another week of ministry time. I got to facilitate the ministry time with my 1 on 1 together with the class. It’s my first time doing the ministry time in plumbline setting. I was really nervous about it, with thoughts that I’ll be doing it in front of the class (if I’m alone with the gal, I think it’s less intense). But I grew to learn that they are not there to judge me, but when I’m stuck or I have a blind spot, they offer another perspective and piece to what God is saying.

It can only get better!


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