Sushi Oishi

I chanced upon a blog yesterday that actually voiced my thoughts. We rarely eat out, because the food can be unreasonably over-priced or it’s not that good. And I could make the similar kind of food and taste much better, healthier because I know where I am putting into my food and so much cheaper! We had steak and salmon for 2 of our celebrations in March (Tee’s birthday & our anniversary), and they cost us less than $10 for 2 of us! Where can you find that in restaurant?

Well, unless of course, you are talking about all-you-can-eat sushi buffet, now that’s a different story! This sushi buffet that we went to was just $15 per person for lunch. It was a quiet yet busy, and their service was so good too.

And of course we over-ate because I didn’t read the list properly and ended up ordering 6 different kinds of makis which come in 6-8 pieces each, in addition to 12 sushi and couple of appetisers.




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