second anniversary!



We celebrated the beginning of the third year into our marriage (after initial 5 years of dating).

It can only get better (i think, i hope 😉 )

The last one year has been the first time we are “stuck” with each other. In the past, we have been separated for couple of days/weeks/months due to different things like retreat or outreach or visa problems. So, we have practically been seeing each other 24/7 for a whole year! [well, one elderly couple in our office has NEVER been separated from each other even for a day since they were married 60+ years ago. Except now that the husband is in another state staffing a school, then they are separated for a short time of 3 months].

In April, I will be separated from Tee for a week when he goes to Arizona. I really wonder how I am going to survive it. Everything would be fine if I can drive or if the transport system here is better (or just like SG).

So, what is something new we discover about each other in the last one year?

Tee: you’re a cooking monster!

Joy: he loves to read about all kinds of things and is like an encyclopedia on apple stuffs, soccer, sports, videos, photography, and many more.



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