Official Graduation from FCM

Yay! I have finally received my FCM certificate! Thinking back on the whole journey with FCM and counselling, it’s quite a feat.

Here goes the story:

Since young, after I watched some TV dramas on counseling and helping at risk youths, I wanted to do something like that, a counsellor, some kind of volunteering work. When I was about to enter NUS, I wanted to do Psychology. I didn’t want to do Social Work because I don’t know what that entails. But the system in NUS is so crazy that there are millions of people trying to bid to get into the Psychology modules. I didn’t get to do it in the first semester, and in the second semester I managed to get it and also took a Social Work module. The introduction to Psychology module was full of biology terms and their marking system is also crazy that I failed terribly (can you image, if you didn’t answer the MCQ question, you get -1 point, if you answer wrongly, you get -2. How to pass?) After taking the Social Work module, I realised that is what I want to do. But it was too late. Because of that module, I couldn’t major in Social Work. Because that module is for people who are not majoring in Social Work to take. Since I took it, I can’t major. Of course, I was terribly upset at this mistake. I wanted to cancel that 1 year of Uni and start afresh. But I didn’t dare tell my parents because I would have wasted that one year and I didn’t know how to tell.

After much prayers and complaints to God, I finally accepted that I won’t major in Social Work because God said “you don’t have to major in Social Work in NUS to be a counsellor. You can do it through other means”.

I held onto that thought/word and got through NUS with a degree.

As I was exploring YWAM courses, I got to know that they have a secondary school called “Introduction to Biblical Counseling”. I was so excited and wanted to do it. But I had to do a DTS first. So after many years (about 2-3), finally I decided to do the DTS. And another year later, I was ready to do the FCM (IBC changed its name to FCM). The options near home were Penang and Thailand. I dismissed Penang as Tee will go with me but what is he going to do there?. I would love to do the one in Thailand because I know the school leader, but they didn’t have enough staff to start the school, so the school was cancelled. Bummer.

Then we decided to go to Colorado Springs, and I found out that the SF base runs the school. It was perfect because I could do the school and Tee could work with the team that he already had relationships with.

I am so happy that I finally did it, and God’s word came through, that I could do counselling outside of NUS Social Work. It took couple of years but it was all worth it!

Now, I am going to be on staff for the FCM school that’s going to start in April with YWAM SF. Afterwhich, when I go back to Asia, I would love to help start the Thailand FCM or anywhere. 🙂


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