Humbled and honored

Our office had the opportunity to prepare a brunch for students of Pikes Peak Academy. Some of our staff teach lifeskills like electronics, designs etc.

It was my first time meeting the students (coz I don’t teach anything there, but I love love love to meet them and build some kind of relationships like those I had in PL)

While the students came in, got their food and sat around the table, I was standing there, wanting to go and talk to them, but being a little introvert, I was afraid of being awkward. But being abit extrovert, I have to make at least some contacts with them. So, I asked the Lord for courage and open doors to make some contact with the students.

Well, I managed to talk to some of the girls at a table while they thanked us for the delicious Indian meatballs and Thai Iced Tea.

After 15 mins of conversation, one of the girls began telling me about her life. Then she finally said “I don’t know, but I think I can trust you, so I’m telling you these”. I was amazed! Wow, I only knew her for 15 mins, and she is SO open and shared about her life. I wish I had more time to listen to her and offer some support. But I believe today will not be the last time I’m seeing her. What a honor for someone whom you talked to for 15 mins to share about her life, and what a way that the Lord will use me to listen to someone.


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