Thankful and thankful

So thankful for our cosy, little basement. The homeowners had decorated the rooms in a blue, red, white american flag theme for the living area and a camp cabin-moose theme for the bedroom. It’s so cozy and comfortable!

We get to cook our own meals again. 🙂 It’s kind of headache to have to think about what to make each day. Thank God I found an app to help me. I could add in recipes and create a meal planner!

Something that we are learning is to better steward our finances. Firstly, so thankful for the supporters that we have right now, that enabled us to be able to rent this basement. Previously, we were staying without rent at our colleague’s place and she will cook all the meals, and we don’t even have to pay for food. But now, everything is on our own, rent and food. Thankful for the coupon savings system here, so I don’t mind being ‘coupon/deal crazy’. In fact, it’s really fun to find clearance meal like 8 pieces of chicken thighs for $5.50!!

I have my eye on an apartment home near where we live now. It’s also near the office and 5 mins walking distance from the grocery store! But the rent is ‘oohh’. 2 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for $700+. Which means, our support have to double and we must have the visa to stay before we can start renting it. But nonetheless, it’s my dream list to rent that someday, or a house. 🙂


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