Found us a basement

Time flies and we have been in COS for 10 months now. And funny enough, we are still somewhat living out of our suitcases. 😉

We spent 4 months living on the SF accomodations until they needed the rooms and we had to move out of there. Thankfully to be able to live with one of the family that’s working with us. They made meals for us and welcomed us into the family.

This coming end of January, we would actually welcome another family with 2 kids into the house and lived together.

But we tried looking out for alternatives like for a house of our own or a room elsewhere.

We are glad that someone that we served with at the church offered us their basement. We are going to move out there end of January! It’s nearer to the office and the church and supermarkets etc. Yay!!

We are still hopeful to find a house of our own sometime (within the next 6 months hopefully). Then we can look into greater things like showing more hospitality to people (esp internationals), have our families and friends come over to visit. Can’t wait for this day to happen and I’m sure it wouldn’t take long. 🙂

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